We are Assemblies of God missionaries to South America.

Reaching, planting, training and serving in the name of Jesus Christ.

The professionals of Chile, an overlooked people group.

The current church planting project we are involved in targets the professional class of Chile, a group of people who have largely been untouched by the gospel, not because there is no witness in Chile, but rather because they are unable to hear and accept Jesus because of the existing cultural and class barriers.

Chile experienced a pentecostal revival a century ago but the evangelical church has only reached the lower level of society, and subsequently there is much prejudice towards evangelicals among the upper class.

The barriers are beginning to crumble—one person, one family at a time.  The need is palpable as so many of the educated professionals are finding secularism and religion empty and are looking desperately for answers.

Centro Bíblico Cristiano (CBC),  a congregation of  university students, professors, business men and women, and other professions,  has outgrown the downtown storefront they currently rent.  In 2014 CBC stepped out in faith to buy a strategic piece of property with 17,000 square feet of buildings.  Over the past years through various fund raisers and careful budgeting, the church had raised the needed $200,000 USD for the down payment.  Throughout this past year, CBC has been living its own miracle of the “parting of the sea” as individuals and families have given sacrificially, yet joyfully, the remaining $300,000 that was needed.  On July 4, 2015 the last balloon payment of $100,000 was paid to the owners and the property is free and clear of debt. To God be the glory for what He has done! To read some of the testimonies check out our blog.

Now that the property is paid, monies are being spent to do the much needed renovations including roof repair and replacement, an entire new electrical installation, sheet rock, framing, plumbing and numerous other projects to enable the congregation to move over as soon as possible. If God encourages you to help, any amount will be a blessing. Please mark your offering with Project 8095.

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